Gracie Talks Beauty  is currently an Amateur-Blog, meaning that this is not a source of income and makes no profit. I do not make charges for sponsored posts, advertising, consulting and countdowns.

Everything on Gracie Talks Beauty is as transparent as I can make it but of course my own opinion – no products are sent to me for free for me to review and discuss on the blog so you can safely assume I have bought it myself or cleverly sourced free samples as a consumer only.

I don’t promote products I don’t like or like the look of  and I never say something’s great when it isn’t. There is nothing hidden on Gracie Talks Beauty and nobody could buy their way to a good review.

Although I am a trained beauty therapist, makeup artist and I conduct research of my own, I am not a trained medical professional and therefore any recommendations or articles I have written are my opinion only.

Should you have any questions please contact me using the form below.

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