Beauty Boxes – The Cruelty Free must have subscription

The best way to try and discover new brands is to subscribe to a beauty box. It is also a little self indulgence and an exciting treat to receive.  Beauty box subscriptions are usually sent once a month with a rolling monthly payment of around £15-20 which is the same price as just one full size cleanser (and a reasonably priced cleanser too).

Before becoming completely cruelty free I subscribed to Glossy Box and Birchbox, both of which were good value for money and introduced me to a whole new world of brands and cult favorites.

However since going cruelty-free I really missed my monthly beauty box delivery and trying to find new brands was even more challenging, as I didn’t always want to spend money on a product I’d never used before. So after clicking through my favorite search engine, I discovered The Cruelty Free Beauty Box.

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box recently won The Veggie Awards in 2018 as all products sent our are also vegan.

I get the impression the company is still relatively small as the boxes feel really personal but with their website. The Cruelty Free Beauty Box implemented a box re-design which was a great move, as the look and feel is much more professional and organic to their branding.

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box founder created the company through frustration, trying to navigate her way through the huge number of brands and ensuring they didn’t cause unnecessary suffering. Well a huge thank you – you have definitely made my life easier and trying new brands a lot cheaper and more enjoyable.

beauty box

So how does the Cruelty Free Beauty Box work?

Visit their website (Cruelty Free Beauty Box) and click onto their subscribe tab which gives you multiple options. Monthly box subscription (my personal favorite at only £14.95 inc postage), Gift Subscriptions, Gift Cards and one off beauty boxes. Choose which option suits you (I use the rolling month subscription) and you will then be asked a small number of questions to ensure the products you receive are what you would actually use. No point giving someone who doesn’t self tan a whole host of tanning products.

After completing the survey you will then click through to the payment screen where again there are a few payment options including debit card or pay-pal. It’s that simple.

Whats in the box?

The Beauty Box comes with a diverse range of different products each month from Makeup, Skincare, Fragrance, Bath & Body, Hair Care and Nail Care. The Cruelty Free Beauty Box mention on their site that you will never receive the same product in a 12 month period and you will receive five products in each box worth at least £30 value and averaged over £40 value during 2018 – which is in my opinion fantastic value for money.

Each month within your box, you’ll receive a card listing all five products detailing their retail price, box price and description. My mum loves to collect hers in a little binder to refer back to when she uses the products, which I think is such a great idea as it can be hard to know how to use a completely new brand.

Every single product is guaranteed by Cruelty Free Beauty Box to be Vegan and Cruelty Free. If the companies don’t have the official accreditation they have to sign up to the Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s own policy.

Cruelty Free Beauty Box - Example products

Love whats in your box?

If you fall in love with a specific product like both I and my Mum have, you can purchase the products off of the Cruelty Free Beauty Box website too. It also has a huge product range if you fancy purchasing something alongside your box. They have a lot of Eden fragrances available which is my favorite Cruelty Free, Vegan perfume (post coming soon).

If you do decide to give the Cruelty Free Beauty Box a try it would be great to know what you think. My mum and I are addicted.


One thought on “Beauty Boxes – The Cruelty Free must have subscription”

  1. This fantastic! I’ve been looking for cruelty-free products recently and honestly haven’t known where to start. I hadn’t even considered a subscription box! I’m definitely going to see if I can find something like this in Canada. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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