5 simple life hacks, solved with your beauty essentials

There are a lot of articles and posts incorporating general household items into your beauty regime. Olive oil as cleanser, apple cider vinegar as toner and blotting your face with coffee filters are just a few. But what if your beauty products can solve not only their own, but other little problems too. Here are my top five tried and tested..

Hack One – Static Clothing 

There is literally nothing worse than being out and all of a sudden your dress or blouse becomes the most clingy, static mess of all time. I personally do not own enough of these materials to bother putting in a drying sheet, but this still happens and drives me crazy. Grab a hand Cream or moisturiser and rub onto your skin or tights, this will prevent the static from occurring – This hack was tried and tested today while I was at a trade-show and worked instantly.


Hack Two – Wrinkled Clothing 

Just as your just about to walk out the door as you are putting on your shoes you notice a great big wrinkle in your clothes. Then the internal debate starts, can I get away with it, probably not, but I don’t have enough time to get the iron out of the cupboard. To get this sorted quickly, turn on the straighteners and as soon as they are warm you can literally straighten the wrinkle out.  I am terrible at ironing so I use this hack more often than I use the iron.


Hack Three – Dress jewelry turning you green?

For as long I can remember I’ve had a love for dress jewelry, quirky rings and necklaces can change any outfit instantly. But after a while the rings start to turn my fingers green, which is definitely not a good look. So to prevent this happening, paint two layers of clear nail varnish on the inner facing surface, wait for it to dry and say goodbye to green skin.


Hack Four – Fogging bathroom mirror

I love doing my makeup in my bathroom mirror as the lighting is great, but I hate having to wait for the mirror to defog. This is easily preventable, just apply a small amount of shampoo onto a paper towel or kitchen roll, rub onto your mirror and wipe off with a clean cloth – Simple.pexels-photo-271631.jpeg

Hack Five – Cleaning your makeup brushes

There is absolutely no need to use a special brush cleaner to rid your makeup brushes of product and dirt. Using your shampoo will do the job and a good one at that. If its good enough for your hair, its good enough for your brushes – be sure to check out my post here on the hair care brand that bought my hair back to life.


Have you got any hacks you can share, if so drop a comment below – Remember sharing is caring!


4 thoughts on “5 simple life hacks, solved with your beauty essentials”

  1. Spraying hairspray lightly inside a blouse or up a skirt also rids all static .. sometimes o spray my body with hair spray before putting on a shiny silky fabric

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