A more natural way to get those pearly whites..

I have always wanted to try a more natural toothpaste but I was unsure about what brands to try and how effective they would be. Reading multiple reviews and feedback online, many brands do not have the minty fresh taste and teeth rarely feel as clean.


I am extremely particular in what I want from my toothpaste and I have never been the type of person to buy just anything offer. Toothpaste must be very minty, reasonably priced, convenient to purchase and whiten my teeth – due to my rather excessive Tea addiction.

So I started reading a lot of post purchase reviews on the likes of Amazon, Holland & Barrett and other e-retailers to try to find a brand that could accommodate my slightly demanding needs. One brand in particular really caught my attention.


Ecodenta is a Lithuanian oral care company who combine science and nature.  Ecodenta  manufacture their products from natural and eco-friendly sources, without harmful or abrasive ingredients. Ecodenta toothpaste’s have been developed with extracts of 7 different herbs, to ensure a comprehensive oral care. Some of the toothpaste also contain Kalident, a natural source of calcium, that strengthens your tooth’s enamel and helps to avoid decay.



Ecodenta has a vast product range to suit all your toothpaste needs – perfect for the fussy buyers like myself.  I have included a few of the vast collection below;

Wild strawberry scented toothpaste for children with carrot extract & Kalident

Triple effect toothpaste with white clay, propolis and Teavigo

Whitening Toothpaste with black charcoal and Teavigo

Whitening toothpaste with mint oil, sage extract and Kalident

CODENTA COSMOS Organic toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums with natural salt and potassium citrate

I decided to try the Whitening toothpaste with mint oil, sage extract and Kalident – please note this particular toothpaste is not fluoride free. I purchased this from Holland & Barrett for £3.99 per 100ml – slightly more than I would usually pay for a toothpaste.


So how was it?

After a long day and many cups of tea, I was very excited to try the EcoDenta toothpaste. When brushing, I use an electric toothbrush to reach my very new wisdom tooth, which I unfortunately cannot reach properly with any eco-friendly toothbrushes – so recommendations welcome.

I used a large pea sized amount and started brushing, I initially forgot that this was not a standard toothpaste as it was definitely minty enough. After a few seconds, I did notice that there was not a lot of foaming but I didn’t feel this impacted anything in particular.  After finishing, I was left with a herbal minty taste similar to a mint tea. My teeth felt very clean but initially not as white as they usually look. I will continue to use the  Whitening toothpaste with mint oil, sage extract and Kalident but just monitor how white my teeth become. Overall I am happy to convert to Ecodenta and will be exploring some of the other products within the range.


If you are looking for a fluoride free toothpaste try the Ecodenta Extra Black Whitening Toothpaste with Black Charcoal & Teavigo. I will be reviewing this product in the coming weeks. smile-mouth-teeth-laugh-65665.jpeg

Please note that Ecodenta states that they do not test on animals, I have done my own research and I am personally comfortable at this stage that they are cruelty-free, however they are not certified by leaping bunny, PETA or any other certification. I will also be monitoring Ecodenta going forward.

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