5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Beauty Waste

Cruelty Free Beauty has been the most important influencer for me, when it comes to making a beauty purchase however I recently realised just how much unnecessary waste and single use plastic comes from our cosmetics.

So this year I made “Sustainable Beauty” another key factor to consider when buying any beauty products. It’s actually easier than I first thought too. Hopefully my 5 easy ways to reduce your beauty waste can help you make greener choices too.

1. Go Greener with Glass

So this one is an easy swap and the products don’t need to be more expensive because of the packaging either. Choose brands that use more sustainable packaging like glass, bamboo or metal.

The Beauty kitchen have a huge range of products and have pioneered the first  RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT scheme, where they wash and reuse the packaging – it’s better than recycling!

2. Try Soap bars instead of Shower Gel

I realised we as a household went through far too much shower gel and all those bottles were put into the recycling bin. However why send something to the recycling if it didn’t need to be used in the first place. Shower gels also contain alot of water which is heavier to transport and therefore has a larger carbon footprint too.

I used to think of soap as the “Imperial Leather” bars my grandparents had in their bathroom however Soap is the new product everyone is raving about. Faith in Nature have vegan, clean bars that smell amazing and start from only £1.99 and can be found all over the high street (Sainsburys, Boots, Holland & Barrett etc). There are also a lot of brands bringing back soap for the face too including Upcircle beauty. Their Chocolate Charcoal bar is sold out everywhere with incredible reviews – I have an upcoming haul arriving where I will be trying their Chai and ginger bar.

3. Ditch the Disposable

If you think about all the disposable items you use in a week, then think about this at the end of the year, your contribution to landfill is rather large. Disposable Razors, Cotton Pads and Face Wipes all have really simple, easy swaps that are not just better for the environment but your purse too.

Razors- I have seen a lot of companies now launching their own reusable razors. They start from around £20 which like any reusable product is a small upfront investment. However the cost of replacement blades is very cheap and you will have no plastic going to landfill at all. They are also alot kinder to the skin – as this is the style of blade men use for their faces. Upcircle Beauty have launched a completely plastic free safety razor which has a blade return scheme too, giving money off your refills.

Cotton Pads – These are a really easy swap to make. Holland & Barrett sell two types of reusable organic cotton pads or you can go to smaller retailers on sites like Etsy which have funky designs. I have pads from a small company called Whale & Me which I love.

Face Wipes – I am not a fan of the face wipe and haven’t been for years however I am very aware many of you are. These are horrendous products which cannot be recycled and also block a lot of drains if not disposed of properly. Face wipes are also not great for the skin (told you I wasn’t a fan). Don’t despair, there are great alternatives which I highly recommend. My favourites is the Magnitone Wipe Out Cleansing Cloth that removes makeup with just water – No cleanser needed! Once I’ve used both sides it goes into the wash, ready to be used again.

4. Choose Recycled and/or Carbon Neutral

I am not just talking about recycled packaging – there are brands that source and rescue by-products from other industries, how creative and resourceful is that. Upcircle is pioneering this movement.

You can also find brands that only source products from sustainable sources and are certified as Carbon Neutral companies too. Look our for the carbon neutral logo. Tropic Skincare are extremely conscious of their environmental impact and have this logo featured on their website.

5. Swap out the Spray

Deodorant, its the product people wear every day and need to know the product they are using works. Although aerosol cans can be recycled, the compressed gases that are used in them have a harmful impact on CO2 emissions and roll-on deodorants are usually packaged in two layers of plastic, meaning they are notoriously difficult to recycle. So whats the swap? Well change your aerosol for a more natural deodorant that comes with little or no packaging and has minimal impact on the world around us.

My favourite brand is Salt of the Earth, you can get their deodorants in Holland & Barrett, Waitrose and Boots. Their Sprays and Roll On bottles can be recycled and last 2x longer than any other deodorants I’ve used (therefore 2x less packaging) and they have also launched a completely plastic free crystal stick and deodorant balms too. I wore this deodorant cycling through Southern India, it really works.


D.I.Y Gel Nails – Tips To Achieve The Perfect Home Finish

During this crazy time of COVID-19, a lot of our beauty treatments have gone on hold because of temporary salon closures or tightening those purse strings.

One beauty treatment I absolutely cannot live without is my nails. I was an Acrylic addict from 16 and eventually moved onto Gel Polish a couple of years ago. Even though I trained professionally, nails have never been something I had been able to do on myself but with a lot of trial, error and funny finishes, I finally achieved a salon finish at home.

What you need to get started

Lets get started with the basic equipment/ products you need to apply and remove your nails. My favourite at home brand is Mylee – they are of course Cruelty Free with the “Caring Consumer” logo featured on their website. You can buy starter kits from Amazon, eBay and the Mylee website or individual product lines.

LED Gel Curing Lamp (UV is fine but its an outdated technology)

Lint Free Wipes – Critical these are LINT FREE!

Prep+Wipe Solution

Gel Remover – Acetone can also be used

Gel Top Coat

Gel Base Coat

Gel Colour

Nail File – I prefer glass nail files as these are kinder to your natural nail

Buffing Block

Wooden Cuticle Stick

Metal Cuticle Stick

Foil – I use kitchen foil and tear it into roughly 10cm x 15cm pieces

Preparation is key

Wash and dry your hands

TOP TIP - Do not apply any hand cream or oils as this will prevent the gel sticking to your nails properly

Use the Wooden Cuticle Stick to gently push your cuticles back, this allows you to paint your full nail bed with a neat edge

Use the Nail File to shape the edge of your nails, personally I’m a fan of the Squoval (Square, with an oval edge)

Remove the shine from the nail plate with the Buffing Block

TOP TIP - Do this gently, you do not want to take the top layer of your natural nail off

Sanitise the nail bed with the Prep + Wipe Solution, using the Lint Free Wipes

TOP TIP - Lint Free Wipes are crucial, without them you will have funny little cotton pad "hairs" stuck in your nails and in the gel polish

Applying Your Gel Nails

Now the prep work is complete you can get started on the fun part. I always have a lint free wipe to hand to tidy up any over spill on my finger before I cure the polish.

Apply Base Coat

TOP TIP - Do your thumbs separately to your fingers, this will stop the gel moving to one edge of your thumb nail while it is curing in the lamp
TOP TIP - Do one hand at a time, yes it might feel like it takes longer but it's less messy and easier to remember what stage you are at 

Cure nails for 2 minutes using the LED Lamp

Apply one thin layer of the Gel Polish Colour

TOP TIP - When applying the Gel Polish, it’s best to do thin layers and build up the colour. Some colours might need one, two or three layers!
TOP TIP - Make sure you cap the top of your nail and do not paint too close to the cuticle, this stops the Gel Polish lifting prematurely

Cure nails for 2 minutes using the LED Lamp

Repeat the colour step again until you achieve your desired colou

Top Tip - Mylee's "As red as it gets" takes two coats 

Apply the Gel Polish Top Coat

TOP TIP - Remember to cap the top of the nail 

Cure nails for 2 minutes using the LED Lamp, when you take these out the nails will still feel a bit tacky

Wipe the finished nails using your Prep + Wipe Solution and Lint Free Wipes

Finally apply your Cuticle Oil to your nails and massage it in

Maintaining your Nails

Now your nails look great, you want to make sure
your handiwork lasts as long as possible, right?

Apply cuticle oil every day and avoid heavy duty products

TOP TIP - Avoid cleaning products and excess heat on your nails, as it can get onto the nail bed making the gel lift easier - make sure you wear gloves

If a nail becomes chipped, gently file the chipped area and add another coat of top coat & cure

TOP TIP - The Top Coat will seal for a few more days, making sure the chip doesn’t widen and the gel nail doesn’t lift off!

Take it off

I get it, a lot of you want to pick off all your Gel Polish and be done with it – this is not only messy but will damage your natural nails too, so we have a simple way to remove them.

Buff the Gel Polish lightly

Soak a Lint Free Wipe with Gel Remover

Place the Lint Free Wipe on top of your nail and wrap with foil for 15 minutes

TOP TIP – It is again easier to do one hand at a time, otherwise it gets very fiddly with foil covered fingers

Use a Metal Cuticle Stick to push off any remainder of the Gel Polish

Buff your nails with the Block Buffer to remove rough edges

If you’re not looking to reapply your Gel Polish, moisturise your nails and hands with lotion otherwise start the steps from the beginning of this post again!

High street favourites to get your toiletries cruelty free

Convenience for me has a huge impact on how I purchase, however shopping with convenience in mind it can be easy to fall into bad habits. I have three high street favourites when shopping for cruelty free products and toiletries which are also very reasonably priced. Almost every high street will have one of these stores too so it keeps your shopping simple, convenient and still cruelty free – Win Win!

For those who would rather not venture into the high street, all three of my favourite stores have great websites too.

two white bottles beside potted plant on bathtub


Superdrug has done a fantastic job of introducing their own brands and ensuring the ‘leaping bunny’ logo is clearly displayed on the packaging. You can be reassured that the products you’re purchasing are cruelty free, thanks to the official seals of approval.

Toiletries for men and women, including deodorants, toothpaste and shower gel are all available in Superdrug’s own brand. These are easily identified by the star logo in the corner of the products and are extremely well priced. My hero product is the Superdrug Charcoal Toothpaste.

Superdrug Charcoal Toothpaste – £1.50


The Charcoal helps to remove stains, actually whitens teeth and gives you brilliantly fresh breath. The toothpaste is in fact black, but don’t be put off its just the charcoal. Superdrug also offer a sensitive version of this toothpaste too and often do a buy one get one half price deal. The toothpaste does contain Fluoride so for those looking for an organic product this isn’t for you.

Body Shop

The Body Shop continues to lead the way on corporate social responsibility projects, including their most famous movement of being Cruelty Free and campaigning for this in the UK and Europe too. The Body Shop price points are slightly higher than other high street brands but the quality easily justifies this. You can also be confident that anything you purchase will be Cruelty Free.

Moringa Shower Gel – £5.00 250ml

Body Shop Shower Gel

My hero toiletry product (as I have many favourite products from the Body Shop) is their Shower Gel. They have a fragrance to suit everyone and all part of a broader collection of soaps, hand creams and body butters. The shower gel is £5 for 250ml which may sound more expensive than most but I use a lot less due to the incredible formula, so it lasts twice as long. The best thing about the body shop shower gel is it actually feels indulgent and leaves your skin soft and smooth, not dry and dehydrated.

Holland and Barrett

A lot of people still think of Holland and Barrett as a health food store that sells lots of vitamins too. What your missing is a huge range of incredible beauty brands from Shampoo to toothpaste to sheet masks, Holland and Barrett have you covered. The best part of shopping there is their sales and promotions that are almost all year round, keeping it nice and easy on the purse strings.

Holland and Barrett are the only national retailer to have introduced an entire range of toiletries free from parabens and sodium lauryl sulphates so you can check for Cruelty Free and know they are clean products too. I have a lot of brand favourites that are sold at Holland and Barrett, including Dr Organics and Sukin. You can learn more about Dr Organics on my post here. But for toiletries my hero product has to be the Salt of the Earth deodorant.

Salt of the Earth Natural Unscented Stick Deodorant 90g £4.99


This isn’t your usual deodorant stick and for those used to spraying, this can be a huge change. Salt of the Earth encourage you to work with your body, not against it, using this classic natural, effective stick deodorant. It’s simple but powerful formula works without blocking the skin’s pores or leaving white marks on your clothes.  The Salt of the Earth deodorant lasts up to 24 hours and  must be applied to wet skin or the crystal must be wet before applying. Give this little crystal a try, I think its worth it.


Cruelty Free doesn’t mean its clean

You do need to remember when purchasing cruelty free, this does not guarantee the products are organic or free of nasty chemicals. Check out my post here on how to avoid those dirty ingredients.

woman making fun with her eyes

I hope this quick guide has helped make your shopping trips that little bit easier. I remember the first time I went cruelty free shopping with my mum she was rather overwhelmed so please let me know how you get on, she didn’t have this guide though.. Good Luck!

Beauty Boxes – The Cruelty Free must have subscription

The best way to try and discover new brands is to subscribe to a beauty box. It is also a little self indulgence and an exciting treat to receive.  Beauty box subscriptions are usually sent once a month with a rolling monthly payment of around £15-20 which is the same price as just one full size cleanser (and a reasonably priced cleanser too).

Before becoming completely cruelty free I subscribed to Glossy Box and Birchbox, both of which were good value for money and introduced me to a whole new world of brands and cult favorites.

However since going cruelty-free I really missed my monthly beauty box delivery and trying to find new brands was even more challenging, as I didn’t always want to spend money on a product I’d never used before. So after clicking through my favorite search engine, I discovered The Cruelty Free Beauty Box.

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box recently won The Veggie Awards in 2018 as all products sent our are also vegan.

I get the impression the company is still relatively small as the boxes feel really personal but with their website. The Cruelty Free Beauty Box implemented a box re-design which was a great move, as the look and feel is much more professional and organic to their branding.

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box founder created the company through frustration, trying to navigate her way through the huge number of brands and ensuring they didn’t cause unnecessary suffering. Well a huge thank you – you have definitely made my life easier and trying new brands a lot cheaper and more enjoyable.

beauty box

So how does the Cruelty Free Beauty Box work?

Visit their website (Cruelty Free Beauty Box) and click onto their subscribe tab which gives you multiple options. Monthly box subscription (my personal favorite at only £14.95 inc postage), Gift Subscriptions, Gift Cards and one off beauty boxes. Choose which option suits you (I use the rolling month subscription) and you will then be asked a small number of questions to ensure the products you receive are what you would actually use. No point giving someone who doesn’t self tan a whole host of tanning products.

After completing the survey you will then click through to the payment screen where again there are a few payment options including debit card or pay-pal. It’s that simple.

Whats in the box?

The Beauty Box comes with a diverse range of different products each month from Makeup, Skincare, Fragrance, Bath & Body, Hair Care and Nail Care. The Cruelty Free Beauty Box mention on their site that you will never receive the same product in a 12 month period and you will receive five products in each box worth at least £30 value and averaged over £40 value during 2018 – which is in my opinion fantastic value for money.

Each month within your box, you’ll receive a card listing all five products detailing their retail price, box price and description. My mum loves to collect hers in a little binder to refer back to when she uses the products, which I think is such a great idea as it can be hard to know how to use a completely new brand.

Every single product is guaranteed by Cruelty Free Beauty Box to be Vegan and Cruelty Free. If the companies don’t have the official accreditation they have to sign up to the Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s own policy.

Cruelty Free Beauty Box - Example products

Love whats in your box?

If you fall in love with a specific product like both I and my Mum have, you can purchase the products off of the Cruelty Free Beauty Box website too. It also has a huge product range if you fancy purchasing something alongside your box. They have a lot of Eden fragrances available which is my favorite Cruelty Free, Vegan perfume (post coming soon).

If you do decide to give the Cruelty Free Beauty Box a try it would be great to know what you think. My mum and I are addicted.


Budget Beauty – How to get clearer, calmer skin with clean products

During the winter months, trying to keep my skin clear and moisturised is almost impossible. Central heating, cold air and quick temperature changes are all doing their best to remove moisture and nutrients from the skin, making it a bit of a problem.

Clean Beauty.jpeg

Normal spot or problem skin treatments focus on removing excess sebum (oil) from the skin which in my case leaves it feeling extremely dry, flaky and tight in a lot of areas. Overly dry skin can then lead to more breakouts as there is no natural barrier on the skin to prevent or reduce bacteria.

Dr Organic Skin Clear range

During a visit to Holland and Barrett I stumbled across Dr Organic – a brand that carries a vast selection of products for all skin types with multiple awards under their belt too. I noticed their Skin Clear range and was so pleased with how reasonably priced it was – the face wash, moisturiser and 5 in 1 treatment gel are available as a set for £19.98.

Dr Organic’s Skin Clear range has an anti-bacterial and purifying solution for problem-prone skin. They have created a targeted range of treatments that work to clean, mattify and re-balance even the most problematic complexions. The Tea Tree Oil, Orange and Grapefruit Extracts create a soothing sensation on the skin leaving a calm, hydrated feel.

I have been using Dr Organic Skin Clear range (Face wash, scrub, moisturiser and 5 in 1 targeted gel treatment) on and off  for almost a year and have now put the face wash and 5 in 1 treatment gel in my emergency skin care first aid box – for when I know my skin needs a quick pick me up or some serious help.  The products are organic and contain no nastys (click here to find out more on avoiding dirty ingredients) so you can feel comfortable using this range consistently regardless of the condition of your skin.

The Skin Clear Spot Treatment Pack

Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wash 

The face wash was highly commended at the OK Beauty Awards in 2017 and I can understand why. The face wash contains Tea Tree Oil, Orange and Grapefruit Extracts which act as natural anti-bacterial ingredients. The face wash also includes fruit acids and Willow Bark extract to help calm the skin and reduce redness. The smell is delightful with the grapefruit really coming through, which is extremely refreshing in the morning.

Directions for use: Wet your face then gently massage a small amount (emphasis on small, a little goes a long way) in circular motions, focusing on the Tzone (forehead, nose and chin), then rinse with cool water. To achieve the best results use as part of your daily skin regime.

Skin Clear - Deep Pore Face Wash

5 in 1 Treatment Gel

The 5 in 1 gel is like my mini rescue remedy and I apply the product once a day at night on specific areas – Note this is not a miracle worker, it will not get rid of a blemish etc straight away however is does dramatically reduce redness, calm the skin and increase cell renewal. The gel has been developed to target spots, blemishes and breakouts, with a rich concentration of natural AHAs (Fruit Acids) and Salicylic Acid.  The treatment gel was highly commended at the OK Beauty Awards in 2017 and won silver at the Beauty Awards 2017 and the Reveal Summer Beauty Awards 2017.

Directions for use: Apply to affected area as and when required.

Skin Clear - 5 in 1 Treatment Gel

Oil Control Moisturiser 

The moisturiser is the one product from the set I feel I can swap in and out, as I love to try something new far to often. However the price point is so reasonable it’s a great product to keep using for consistent reliable results. Dr Organics do recommend this product is used daily to help reduce the appearance of spots whilst minimising pores and redness but personally using the wash and treatment gel I find enough. The moisturiser was also highly commended at the OK Beauty Awards in 2017 and won silver at the Beauty Awards 2017.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount daily after cleansing and toning. This product can be used both morning and evening.


Skin Clear Moisturiser

Dr Organic says on their website that “Here at Dr Organic we seek out the treasures of the natural world to discover the purest and most potent extracts, delving deep into centuries old traditions and supercharged botanicals to create breakthrough formulations that make you look and feel incredible.” and so far I have not been disappointed by that statement.

Your cheat sheet to help avoid those “dirty” ingredients in your skincare

Over recent years people have started to really look at what is in their food and understand from an ingredient list, what is and isn’t good for you. Unfortunately this happens a lot less when it comes to skincare.

The skin is our largest organ in our bodies and we need to make sure we look after it. So I have done a lot of research into cosmetic ingredients and created a simple dirt ingredient cheat, to help you keep an eye out for what to avoid and why.


Why use dirty ingredients?

There are many reasons that our cosmetics supplier use these dirty ingredients. They are usually cheaper than their cleaner alternatives. Dirty ingredients also act as thickening agents, prevent mouldy products, create foamy lathers and much, much more.  But we don’t have to put up with this as there are so many amazing products on the market that do not have such toxic side effects. Bare in mind that even some organic cosmetics may contain some dirty ingredients below – click here read my post on what truly makes a product organic.

What do the side effects mean?

A Skin irritant is a substance which, while not corrosive, causes a temporary or reversible inflammation of living tissue (such as eyes, skin, or respiratory organs) at the point of contact.

Allergies are when the ingredient could cause your skin to have an allergic reaction, this could be as little as red, itchy skin to extreme reactions such as hives.

carcinogen is any substance that has the potential to cause cancer in living tissues and exposure can occur from the inhalation, ingestion, or absorption of many different types of substances.


Hormone imbalances occur when an ingredient interferes with the production, transportation, breakdown, binding or elimination of our hormones. This includes our thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, pancreas, hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

Reproductive defects can occur similarly to hormone imbalances. This is when an ingredient interferes with the bodies natural development and maintenance of the reproductive system.

Toxic references an external toxin which are toxins outside of our bodies, that can be ingested or absorbed. External toxins are capable of causing disease on contact with our skin.

The Cheat Sheet 


Do you need something faster?

If you are still not sure or would like a guide that can do the research for you while you’re shopping, download the “Think Dirty” app. This app provides a dirty rating on a scale of 1-10 listing the chemicals in your products that make them “dirty”. The other amazing part of the “Think Dirty” app is if the product you have selected rates high on the dirty scale, it will recommend much cleaner alternatives. Pretty cool eh.

Like to learn more?

The great thing about today is that we have the internet, so no need to go rummaging through the library to do research. However if you would like a book to use as a reference I recommend reading A Consumer’s dictionary of cosmetic ingredients.



5 simple life hacks, solved with your beauty essentials

There are a lot of articles and posts incorporating general household items into your beauty regime. Olive oil as cleanser, apple cider vinegar as toner and blotting your face with coffee filters are just a few. But what if your beauty products can solve not only their own, but other little problems too. Here are my top five tried and tested..

Hack One – Static Clothing 

There is literally nothing worse than being out and all of a sudden your dress or blouse becomes the most clingy, static mess of all time. I personally do not own enough of these materials to bother putting in a drying sheet, but this still happens and drives me crazy. Grab a hand Cream or moisturiser and rub onto your skin or tights, this will prevent the static from occurring – This hack was tried and tested today while I was at a trade-show and worked instantly.


Hack Two – Wrinkled Clothing 

Just as your just about to walk out the door as you are putting on your shoes you notice a great big wrinkle in your clothes. Then the internal debate starts, can I get away with it, probably not, but I don’t have enough time to get the iron out of the cupboard. To get this sorted quickly, turn on the straighteners and as soon as they are warm you can literally straighten the wrinkle out.  I am terrible at ironing so I use this hack more often than I use the iron.


Hack Three – Dress jewelry turning you green?

For as long I can remember I’ve had a love for dress jewelry, quirky rings and necklaces can change any outfit instantly. But after a while the rings start to turn my fingers green, which is definitely not a good look. So to prevent this happening, paint two layers of clear nail varnish on the inner facing surface, wait for it to dry and say goodbye to green skin.


Hack Four – Fogging bathroom mirror

I love doing my makeup in my bathroom mirror as the lighting is great, but I hate having to wait for the mirror to defog. This is easily preventable, just apply a small amount of shampoo onto a paper towel or kitchen roll, rub onto your mirror and wipe off with a clean cloth – Simple.pexels-photo-271631.jpeg

Hack Five – Cleaning your makeup brushes

There is absolutely no need to use a special brush cleaner to rid your makeup brushes of product and dirt. Using your shampoo will do the job and a good one at that. If its good enough for your hair, its good enough for your brushes – be sure to check out my post here on the hair care brand that bought my hair back to life.


Have you got any hacks you can share, if so drop a comment below – Remember sharing is caring!


The secret to using pigments..

When I first started using makeup I was told to use pressed eye-shadows, with pigments seen as a mythical product used only by professionals. It was only when I started training as a make-up artist that I was introduced to pigments, and since then I have become addicted.


What are pigments

Pigments are the main ingredients in eye-shadow. Usually with pressed eye-shadows a binder is added which dulls the pigment’s color. Without binder, the intensely coloured loose powder is known as pigment—they can be matte, shimmery or glittery. Pigments give you the ability to control the coverage, opacity and intensity of the finish.

Loose Pigments

Loose pigments are a fine, loose powder which are very multipurpose. These can be used wet or dry to create a vast range of looks. Loose pigments can unfortunately have a lot of fall out (falling onto other areas), so I find applying the pigment to my eyes first, gives me the chance to wipe my skin free of the fall out, before applying my base.


Pressed Pigments

Pressed pigments are made with over 80% pure pigment which offer intense colour, shimmer and multiple dimensions. Pressed pigments are ideal when looking to create a range of looks.  Developed to deliver the coverage, rich colour payoff and finish of a loose powder without the inconvenience or mess.



Pigments can be used as blushers, highlighters and to contour your face. To use, tap the pigment onto a flat surface and use either a fan or angled brush to pick up the pigment (don’t forget to tap off the excess) and sweep along the desired area of your face. Be sure to choose colored pigment that complements your skin tone.


Perfect for a night out, festivals or holidays, loose pigments can be mixed into your body lotion or simply dusted onto your skin to create a body shimmer and give you a great all over glow.


Loose pigments can be used as dry or wet eye-shadows, or as eyeliners. To reduce fallout I would always recommend using an eye-shadow primer to create a base for the powder to adhere to. The application is also made easier when using a brush with dense bristles to pat the colour on and use a fluffier brush to blend. Pressed pigments can be used in the more traditional sense alongside pressed eye-shadows. Again use a fluffier brush to blend.



Loose pigments can be mixed with a gloss or balm and applied to the lips – this is sometimes a little trickier than it sounds, so practice the look first. I have used pressed pigments over the top of matte lipsticks to  create an ombre effect – and I love it. This is definitely a great look for an evening out.


I know your thinking, how am I going to use pigment on my nails. Well its all too simple really. You can add your favorite loose pigments to a clear nail varnish, add into a small pot, stir well and paint away. pexels-photo-709803.jpeg

Budget Beauty – Give yourself the chance to sparkle

I am a huge fan of all things glitter, especially for a girls night out or on holiday. I love looking at new ways to incorporate a little shimmer into my life be that through my highlighter, eyes or skin . I need to make sure I get the balance right though as there is nothing worse than looking like a disco ball. I always found this rather challenging, that was until I tried GlitterEyes.

What is GlitterEyes?

GlitterEyes is a relatively new brand with a fast growing social media following, and for very good reason. The products are developed in the UK and are 100% vegan, non toxic and cruelty-free. (They test all their products on themselves!) All of this is great but are the products any good?


The Collections

GlitterEyes are continuing to innovate their products, bringing new colors, pigments and glitters to their collection. They have multiple different types of products but I will be talking through the ones I use most.

GlitterEyes Pressed Pigment

GlitterEyes have a large range of pressed pigments all of which can be used anywhere on the skin. Pigments are now my go-to eye-shadows but I also use them as highlighter and on my lips.


The application is easy and can be done with either a makeup brush or finger. The pressed pigments glide on the skin without much fall off and can be built up gradually to create a natural or dramatic look without looking cakey or thick. The GlitterEye pressed pigments are also easily blended to create a smokey eye or ombre lip. The colour layoff is brilliant especially considering these are only £6.99 and you also have the option to create your own palette of colours on the GlitterEyes website. So no need to have that one shadow you never use and feel guilty throwing it away.


GlitterEyes Pressed Glitter

GlitterEyes hand make all their pressed glitters in house within the GlitterEyes lab and the best thing about their pressed glitter is that no adhesive is needed. These can be applied with a brush (more intense) or finger (less intense) straight onto the skin.

I love using the pressed glitter over the top of the pigments to add a little more drama to a look. These can also be applied round the eyes which looks great at festivals. The pressed glitters are easily removed with water and a microfibre cloth without going everywhere in the process.

GlitterEyes Loose Glitter

Loose Glitter can be dusted onto the skin to create an all over sparkle or if you are looking for something more concentrated onto a particular area you can use an adhesive which GlitterEyes has available. Loose Glitter is great for festivals, parties and being a little bit over the top – because why not.

The loose glitter stays in place all day – I wore this for a 100km bike ride (long story) and it did not budge at all but was easy to remove when I eventually wanted to do so.


 The Verdict

The GlitterEyes products are fun to use, they make me want to do something a bit different and they also work really well.

You can purchase GlitterEyes on their website and through a whole host of online boutiques. Be sure to check out their Instagram page for some amazing looks and sneak peaks at brand new products.

Click here to see the range GlitterEyes

Beauty products explained – Face Wash vs Cleanser

I am constantly changing what I use to clean my skin. I tend to use cleansers when my skin needs brightening and an infusion of moisture, and face wash when I’m having a break out. But I wanted to be sure I was doing the right routine and really understand the difference between a face wash and a cleanser.


What do they do..

Face wash and cleansers ultimately do a similar job, they rid the skin of dirt, makeup, and excess oil. But what is the difference, and when should you use them?

Cleansers are non-foaming and more gentle on the skin with nutrients that moisturize and hydrate. Cleansers also dissolve away excess oil, makeup and grime from your face rather than penetrating deep into the pores. If you have been exposed to a lot of dust and pollution or if you’re wearing makeup, it would be a good idea to use a cleanser first, before using a face wash.

A face wash, is a foaming liquid that acts more like soap, to remove deep seated dirt and grime. Face washes are a little harsher and thorough compared to a cleanser. The right wash should leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Face washes should not be used more than twice and a day due to the removal of your skins natural oil.


How to use them..

For those of us that wear makeup or are exposed to a lot of pollutants, I would always recommend a double cleanse. The first cleanse should rid the skin of surface dirt and if you are wearing makeup, use a cleanser designed to remove it as not all cleansers are. (If you are unsure to check the product label.)This will then prepare the skin for a second cleanse. Just like starting your beauty regime with a blank canvas. 

The second cleanse should provide for the needs of your skin, whether that be a deeper clean to unclog pores (face wash) or softer surface cleanse (cleanser). This is then your opportunity to decide if you would like to use your face wash or cleanser.

Top Tips

  • If your skin starts to feel dry and tight after using your face wash – switch to a new product as this may be removing too much of your natural oil
  • Not sure what cleanser is right for you? Have a look at my post here for your cleanser 101
  • You should always follow your cleanse with a toner, click here to read my post on why this is so important


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